Giant Contact SL Dropper Post - Tuning

Giant Contact SL Dropper Post top cradle and bolt tuning

Replace the stock top cradle and bolts to save an easy 44g.

The stock top cradle and bolts weight 71g:

Giant Contact SL Dropper Post bolts and top cradle

Re-using the cone washers along with a couple of suitable titanium bolts and top rails from a lightweight carbon seatpost drops the weight down to 27g:

Ti bolts and lightweight top cradles for Giant Contact SL dropper post

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Dropper seatposts summarized

Summary table

eXotic carbon Ti seatpost

Carbon seatpost with alu reinforcing around the seatpost clamp, carbon cradle and Ti bolts.

Giant Contact SL, Neutral saddle

Saddle weighs 219g.

XFusion HiLo seatpost

Quick facts for this version

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