Lightweight Stem Comparison

Here's some data I've collected on my search for a new oversize (31.8mm) MTB stem:

ManufacturerLengthClamp diameter (mm)Rise (deg)Stack Height (mm)Weight (g)MaterialTuning Potential
BBB BHS-01 UltraForce10031.86126Alu 2014Ti bolts - 15g saving
Easton EA7010031.86130AluTi bolts - 15g saving
Easton EA9010031.810120AluTi bolts - 15g saving
Easton EC90 SL10031.810110CarbonNone - already has Ti bolts
Extralite UltraStem OC10031.8485Alu 7075None - already has Ti bolts
FSA OS-11510031.86140AluTi bolts - 15g saving
KCNC SC Wing10025.453896Scandium T7451None - already has Ti bolts
KCNC SC Wing10031.8538103Scandium T7451None - already has Ti bolts
Syntace F10910031.86116AluNone - already has Ti bolts

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