Scott branded grips

Scott branded wire-on grips on scale weighing 84g

These grips are a good diameter and are nice and comfortable. They are a dual density design with a soft black rubber outer and harder grey rubber inner. They feature grooves at either end so they can be wired on. They do not fit very snugly on the bars so these are one of the few sets of grips I've come across that really need to be glued and wired on to stop them from rotating on the bars.

What do the Scott dual density grips weigh?

The grips weigh 84g for a set.

You can get a similar level of comfort with the ESI chunky grips and also achieve a small weight saving (ESI chunky's weigh 59g for the set).

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Quick facts:

How to change grips the easy way

Changing a set of grips should take less than 5 minutes and you shouldn't even break a sweat.