San Marco Aspide Super Leggerra Saddle

San Marco Super Leggera saddle with carbon rails on scale at 112g

I got this saddle as a replacement for my San Marco Aspide Carbon FX saddle which I really liked but sadly the shell has cracked.  For a 134g saddle it was extremely comfortable.

The San Marco Aspide Super Leggerra is slightly lighter (at 113g), has less padding, a centre channel relief and seems to have much less flex in the carbon shell.  The overall shape is very similar to the Carbon FX.  Once mounted on the bike, the saddle immediately felt harder and would not be the sort of thing you'd want to ride for any length of time without a good set of knicks.  Having said that, I've managed to put a few decent rides on it now and have been surprised that it seems no less uncomfortable than the saddle it replaced.

Quick facts

  • weight: 113g (claimed is 115+/-5g).  Actual weight is handwritten underneath the saddle, so if you're a rabid weight weenie you could shop around for the lightest one you can find;
  • carbon rails;
  • PU leather cover;
  • made in Taiwan (not Italy like my previous San Marco - maybe this one's a knockoff?).


Like the San Marco Aspide Carbon FX saddle it replaced, the saddle has proved to be remarkably comfortable.  I recently used it on a 4 day bike packing trip ( Attack of the Buns ) and it felt great.

I've also picked up a second one for the Trance X 29er frame that I'm building up.  It weighed 112g.

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