WTB Laser Saddle

WTB Laser V saddle

The rundown

  • supremely comfortable;
  • great curved down nose for getting forward on those gnarly climbs;
  • crmo rails (Ti railed version available);
  • enough padding for long ride comfort but not so soft that you can't move about on it;
  • v-relief channel down the middle of the saddle works;
  • weighs 272g in crmo version;

WTB Laser Saddle on the scales at 272g for the crmo railled version
  • Ti version weighs 229g.

  • Laser V pro weighs 298g.


Prices range from $60 to $200 depending on the model. I recently bought a couple of these WTB Laser V Pro saddles in black for my tandem off Amazon for less than $55 each. That's an incredible bargain for such a comfortable saddle.

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