Lightweight 15mm axles

Rockshox 15mm maxle light weighs 74g. Thankfully, there are now a few options available for lightweight 15mm axles:

  • Tune DC 15 - weighs 40g and has a quick release lever;
  • Tune Skyline U30 - weighs 29g and has a quick release lever but is seriously expensive;
  • Carbon-Ti 15mm axle - lightweight at 37g but you need a 5mm allen key to remove;
  • KCNC 15mm axle - not as expensive as Tune DC15, but heavier at 53g;
  • Extralite Black Lock - weighs an unbelievable 25g! Seems well made and well thought out in the usual Extralite fashion. Most significant drawback is needing a 8mm allen key to tighten - my Lezyne multi-tool does not have one, so if I add the weight of a heavy 8mm allen key then the weight savings of this axle are all lost. Update: it looks like the newer (production?) version of the thru axle now uses a 6mm allen key.
  • Risse Racing make a QR-15 Billet Aluminum Axle for Fox Forks. It has a 17mm hex on the end and weighs 54g.

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