2009 Rockshox Recon SL Solo Air

Quick facts:

  • damper takes 120ml of fluid;
  • Recons from 2009 seem travel adjustable from 80mm to 120mm, but the Recon SL may only be adjustable up to a maximum of 100mm travel as it seems to have shorter stanchions;

Service information

Damper compatibility

The inner diameter of the stanchions on this fork mean that the dampers out of SID A (80-100mm) forks will work.  Indeed, I have used a SID XX damper in the 2009 Rockshox Recon SL Solo Air and it worked flawlessly. This means, that for an older fork like the Recon, it is possible to upgrade the damper to the latest and greatest offered in the SID (and probably) forks.

Great way to give old forks a new lease of life.

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