Magura Hugin Rear Shock

Picture of Magura Hugin Shock

Quick facts

  • these rear shocks were only produced by Magura for 3 years 2006, 2007 and 2008;
  • the shock feature three adjustments - rebound, high speed compression and low speed compression;
  • the low speed compression adjuster can be used as a "platform" to prevent pedal bob;
  • shock eye size is 16mm - different from fox, rockshox etc (15mm). Presumably they made the shock eye this size to accomodate the spherical bearings in the eyelets that are supposed to relieve lateral forces on the shock.

What's it weigh?

The Magura Hugin shock in 165mm x 38mm (6.5 x 1.5") weighs 258g. In comparison, a Fox Float R in the same size weighs 209g. So using this shock will add almost 50g to the weight of your bike.

Weight of Magura Hugin shock

Fitment kit

The shock comes with a fairly comprehensive set of bushes, spacers and washers that should in theory allow you to fit the shock to your bike.

Anthem X fitment

Fitting this shock to an Anthem X is not entirely straight forward and requires the following:

  • machining down the top spacer to 22mm;
  • removing the bottom spherical bushing and replacing it with a 16mm OD / 15mmID bearing brass bushing for the Anthem X's lower shock bolt (which also provides the pivot point for the maestro link bearings);

  • this bushing was made from stainless steel and has a wall thickness of 0.5mm, so it is quite a delicate machining job to make. The bushing is in two parts (the grey cross section and the blue cross section). Once inserted in the lower shock eye, the Magura eyelet presents the same dimensions as the fox lower shock eye - 12.5mm wide and 15mm ID. To simplify assembly, the outer ring (coloured blue) is superglued onto the bushing.

Close-up of Magura Hugin shock installed on Anthem X frame

Air chamber service

Air chamber is easy to service - just like a Fox air shock:

  • let all of the air out of the shock using the schrader valve;
  • unscrew the air can - if its tight then clamp the shock eyelit in some soft jaws - the can should come off by hand;
  • remove / renew whatever needs replacing;
  • apply silicon grease to the seals and wipers;
  • reassemble with a little bit of shock oil to lubricate things;

Here's a pic of the elastomer bottom out bumper on the shock shaft:

Picture of Magura Hugin bottom out bumper

Here's a pic of the seal head:

Picture of Magura Hugin seal head

Here's a pic of the air can showing the elastomer negative spring - this normally sits at the bottom of the air can when assembled:

Picture of the air can showing the elastomer negative spring

Here's a pic of the elastomer negative spring:

Pic of the Magura Hugin elastomer negative spring:

Here's a pic of the shock's spherical bearings:

Close-up pic of Magura Hugin spherical bearing

How does it work?

The shock differs from the inline offerings from Fox, RS and Manitou by not using shims (or a shimmed piston). The Magura Hugin uses preloaded needle valves for its high speed and low speed compression and rebound circuits. The HSC and LSC adjuster circuits work in parallel so their damping characteristics can overlap to produce a complex damping response.

The damping curves are determined by the profile of the needles valves, the strength of the valve springs and the amount of preload on the springs. The adjusters vary the amount of preload on the springs.

Low speed compression needle valve and adjuster:

High speed compression needle valve and adjuster:

Rebound needle valve and adjuster:

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