Mountain bike suspension fork axle to crown measurements

This is a big collection of fork axle to crown measurements that I've pulled together from a range of forum posts, manufacturer websites and my own measurements.


YearModelTravelAxle To Crown Distance
?lefty 140 spv140mm 510 mm

DT Swiss

YearModelTravelAxle To Crown Distance
2009EXC 150 20mm TA150mm520mm
2011XRR 445N/A445mm
2011XRR 470N/A470mm
2011XRC 100100mm475mm
2011XRC 100 Race100mm475mm
2011XRM 100100mm475mm
2011XMM 120120mm495mm
2011XMM 140140mm515mm
2011XMC 120120mm495mm
2011XMC 140140mm515mm
2011EXM 150150mm525mm
2011EXC 150150mm525mm


YearModelTravelAxle To Crown Distance
2005Vanilla R 510 mm
2004Talas RL 490 mm
2006Talas RLC 503mm
2007Float 80mm 451mm
2007Float 100mm 471mm
2006Vanilla 36 Talas 150mm 535mm
2006Vanilla 36 Talas 110mm 495mm
200636 VAN RC2 160mm 545mm
2006Vanilla 40 178mm 546mm
2006Vanilla 40 203mm 571mm


YearModelTravelAxle To Crown Distance
?Big Ego185 mm 580 mm
?Thor150 mm 535 mm
?Ronin110 mm 483 mm
?Phaon125 mm 504 mm
?Asgard100 mm 476 mm
?Asgard80 mm 456 mm
?Vidar80 mm 456 mm
?Quake 115mm 525 mm


YearModelTravelAxle To Crown Distance
2007Axel Elite 100mm 480mm
2005Skareb Super TPC 100mm 475 mm
2007Black Platinum 515mm
2002black comp 100mm 475mm
2007Stance Flow502-532mm
2007Stance Kingpin 540mm
2007Stance Static 80mm 460mm
2007Stance Static 100mm 480mm
2007Dorado DH 542.5mm
2007Sherman Breakout Plus 512-552mm
2007Sherman Flick Plus 492-532mm
2007Sherman Firefly Plus 492-532mm
2007Sherman Jumper 455mm
2007Sherman Jumper 110mm 480mm
2007Sherman Slider Plus 540mm
2007Nixon Platinum/Super/Elite 518mm
2007Minute 1/2/3 505mm
2007Minute 3 100mm 470 mm
2007Millenium 505mm
2007Splice 100 mm 505mm
2007Splice Elite 130mm 525mm
2006R7 100mm 470mm
2010Drake Comp80mm458mm
2010Drake Comp100mm478mm
2010Minute 29er80mm490mm
2010Minute 29er100mm510mm
2010Minute 29er120mm530mm
2010Drake Super Air 29er80mm490mm
2010Drake Super Air 29er100mm510mm
2010Drake Super Air 29er120mm530mm
2010Drake Super Air80mm458mm
2010Drake Super Air100mm478mm
2010Drake Super Air130mm508mm
2010Drake Comp80mm458mm
2010Drake Comp100mm478mm
2010R7 MRD80mm456mm
2010R7 MRD100mm476mm
2010Circus Expert80mm458mm
2010Circus Expert100mm478mm
2010Circus Expert130mm508mm
2010Dorado Pro203mm588mm
2010Dorado Pro180mm565mm
2010Dorado MRD203mm588mm
2010Dorado MRD180mm565mm


YearModelTravelAxle To Crown Distance
?Corsa WC 80mm 464mm
?Corsa WC 100mm 474mm
?XC700 SL 464-504mm
?XC600 474mm
?XC500 474mm
?Z1 RC2 538mm
?Drop Off 3 538mm
?AM SL 1 511-551mm
?AM 2 531mm
?AM 3 531mm
2007DJ 1 483mm
2007DJ 2 483mm
2007DJ 3 483mm
2007Dirt Jam Pro 483mm
200766 SL 1 ATA 525-565mm
200766 RC2X 565mm
200766 RC2 ETA 565mm
2007888 WC 584mm
2007888 SL ATA 554-584mm
2007888 RC2X VA 584mm
2007888 RV 584mm
2007Super T RCV 574mm
2007MX Pro ETA 508mm
2007MX Pro ETA 488mm
2007MX Pro 488mm
2007MX Pro 468mm
2007MX Comp 1" 468mm
2007MX Pro I.S. 488mm
2001Z1 drop off QR20130mm 503mm
2003Z1 FR SL 530 mm
2005Z1 FR 130mm 518mm
2005Z1 FR 150mm 538 mm
2001Z1 MCR130mm 510mm
2006Z1 LIGHT ETA 150mm 538.5mm
2000Z3 Flylight 100mm 500mm
2001Z5 air100mm 478 mm
2005888 200mm 605mm
2005888 170mm 575mm
2006888 200mm 579mm
200566 170mm 595mm
200566 150mm 575mm
200666170mm 555mm
200666 150mm 535mm
2002Marathon S 100mm 480 mm
2005Marathon S 120mm 495mm
2005Marathon XC 120mm 495mm
?MX Comp105mm 478 mm
2006MX Comp105mm 484.3mm
?MX Comp120 mm 493 mm
2006MX Comp120mm 499mm
?MX Comp85 mm 458 mm
?MZ comp100 mm 488 mm
?EXR PRO105 mm 478 mm
?EXR PRO120 mm 493 mm
?All Mountain 110mm 498mm
?All Mountain 130mm 518mm
2005All Mountain 150mm 538 mm
2006All Mountain 150mm 541.5mm
2004DJ2 500mm
2006DJ 100mm 483.5mm
?Shiver SC120 mm 510 mm
?shiver DC 572mm
2003Junior T 555mm
2004Junior T 555mm
2005Junior T 555mm
2001Junior T 540mm
?Monster T200 mm 595 mm


YearModelTravelAxle To Crown Distance


YearModelTravelAxle To Crown Distance
2005Distance RC 39 100 mm 470mm
2006RC41 Fighter150mm 524mm

Rock Shox

YearModelTravelAxle To Crown Distance
?Mag21 Long Travel~60mm420mm
?SID Race60mm430mm
?SID Race80mm450mm
?Judy XC63mm420mm
2007Pike 517mm
2007Lyric160mm 545mm
2007Domain180mm 565mm
2007Totem180mm 565mm
2007Reba 85mm 458mm
2007Reba100 mm 473 mm
2007Reba115mm 488mm
2004Boxxer 178mm 555mm
2005Boxxer race/team/world cup203mm 570mm
2007Psylo SL uturn 510 mm
2004Duke XC 80mm 460 mm
?Duke C 80mm 440 mm
2007Pilot100mm 475mm
2007SID RACE 80mm 442mm
2001SID SL 80mm 450mm
1998SID 63mm 435mm
2006Revelation 130mm 508mm
2006Revelation 100mm 478mm

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