Rockshox air spring maintenance essentials

Rockshox air spring

The Rockshox air spring (dual or solo air) is great. It's simple, lightweight and easy to maintain.

It uses ordinary o-rings throughout. This is good and bad. The downside is that o-rings may not last as long as more complicated quad seals. The upside is that o-rings are (relatively) cheap and readily available.

What tools and consumables do I need?

To overhaul your air spring, you need the following:

  • 5mm allen key;
  • 10mm deep socket for SIDs and 2012+ Rebas or a 10mm open ended spanner for older Rebas and Revalations;
  • circlip spanner (inside type);
  • good quality silicon based suspension grease;
  • synthetic motor oil for splash lube in lowers;
  • replacement o-rings.

What o-rings do I need?

O-rings for Rockshox air spring

The essential o-rings are:

  • M3x10mm o-ring;
  • M3.5x12mm o-ring; and
  • M3.5x21mm o-ring.

What do I do?

If you don't already have it, head over to SRAM and download the relevant service manual for your fork. The SRAM manuals are good and set everything out in a clear and easy to follow way.

Here's the summary process I follow if I'm just replacing the air spring o-rings:

  • leave the fork on the bike;
  • thoroughly wash and clean the fork and the bike - especially around the headtube, downtube area - we don't want dirt falling down onto our fork;
  • deflate positive and negative air chambers;
  • remove disc brake caliper and tie with string or bungee cord somewhere out of the way;
  • drop the fork lowers and set them aside;
  • remove air spring circlip and remove air spring assembly out the bottom of the fork leg;
  • remove large o-rings from the air piston and air spring seal head - these are both the same size M3.5x21mm o-rings. You don't need any tools to remove these o-rings - use thumb and forefinger to slide around o-ring so it bulges out of the slot and then roll it out of the slot with the thumb on your other hand;
  • remove seal head from air spring by sliding off air shaft - this enables you to get access to the internal o-ring which is M3x10mm o-ring. You will need to use a small pick or screwdriver to get this one out. Take care not to damage the plastic seal head;

Air spring seal o-ring
  • liberally apply grease to new o-rings and fit them;
  • installation is the reverse of disassembly, but remember to fill the lowers with 10ml of splash lube oil.

What forks does this apply to?

The following forks use the same o-rings:

  • Reba;
  • Revelation; and
  • SID 2008-current.

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