Revalving 2015 Monarch RL MM tune for use on a Giant Anthem X

After-market shocks only seem available in MM tune.  2015 Giant Anthem's use a LM tune.  Accordingly, the MM shock needs a revalve to LM tune specs.

Marmoto has a comparison between MM and LL tunes here.

M rebound stack
L rebound stack
19mm x 0.15
19mm x 0.15

16mm x 0.15
16mm x 0.10
Inner shim for ring shim
16.4mm x 0.3
16.4mm x 0.3ring shim
19mm x 0.1519mm x 0.15
19mm x 0.15

11mm x 0.3
11mm x 0.3clamp

Comparing the two HSR (high speed rebound) stacks we can see that the L tune is more preloaded (0.2mm preload compared to 0.15mm preload) but a faster overall stack (one less 19mm x 0.15 shim).  The L HSR tune is more digressive and flows more oil under HSR events.  It looks like Rockshox are trying to achieve the same damping coefficient on LSR events with the L and M stacks, but faster HSR on the L stack. See Ring shim stack preload tuning.

Part number for "tune assy, Monarch XX/RL Reb-Low/Comp-Mid (CF-97lbs), LF-430, B1" is 11.4118.023.029

Insides of a Monarch XX 2014 -

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