24" air forks

There are very few air sprung forks for 24" wheels:


  • RST F1RST Air 24";
  • Spinner Air 24";
  • SR Suntour XCR Air 24";

RST F1RST Air 24"

  • 60mm travel;
  • 28.6mm alu stanchions;
  • claimed weight of 1600g;
  • around $200 online.

Spinner Air 24"

  • weight - 1728g;

SR Suntour XCR Air 24"

  • 65mm travel;
  • weight - 1868g with uncut steerer;
  • A2C - 415mm;

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20" air forks for kids

There really is not much that's decent when it comes to 20" kids forks.  Most are heavy, oversprung and crappy performing el-cheapo forks. There are, however, a few good options:

Thermarest NeoAir

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Lightweight 24" rims

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