Giant Anthem X shock bolt repair out on the trail

Anthem X broken shock bolt

This is the last sort of thing you want to see on day 1 of a bike packing trip - a broken shock bolt.  The bolt had snapped at the start of the threaded portion (which is typically the weakest part of any bolt) Luckily, a fix was at hand:

  • we removed the non drive side linkage plate;
  • backed out the remaining threaded portion of the shock bolt;
  • refitted the linkage plate; and
  • replaced the shock bolt with a top cap bolt.

Remainder of broken bolt

Remainder of broken bolt still in linkage plate

Top cap bolt used as shock bolt replacement

Top cap bolt

The top cap bolt was a little longer than the original shock bolt, but it enabled us to finish our bike packing trip without further incident.

Top shock bolt on Anthem X replaced with stem top cap bolt for emergency trailside repair

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