Manitou McLeod Rear Shock

Manitou McLeod Rear Shock

This shock is for my Banshee Spitfire; It is 200mm eye-to-eye with a 56mm stroke.

The bushings on Manitou shocks are now the same size as Rockshox and Fox, so to mount this on my Spitty I used some Rockshox mounting hardware in 25.4mm width for the front and 40mm width for the rear.

The shock weighs 281g.

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Quick facts

Manitou Mattoc

This is the Pro version with:

Monarch shock service

What you need

Anthem X shock removal

There is no need to remove your cranks. You can get access to the lower shock bolt using a short 5mm allen key. If you don't have one, then just cut a spare allen key down:

Fox Shock IFP Fill

IFP fill needle

Fork and shock oils

Just my quick notes on the fork and shock oils I have been using