Rockshox fork service kit part numbers

Rockshox service kit

Service Kit Part Number
Basic service kit
Full service kit
Reba 2012+
Sid B (120mm) dual air
SiD/Reba Solo air a2-a3 2013+
Revelation Solo air a2-a3 2013+00.4315.032.44011.4018.019.001
Revelation 2010-201100.4315.032.32011.4015.406.000
Revelation Dual Air 201200.4315.032.18011.4015.553.000
Recon Gold Solo Air 2013+

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Three possible causes:

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Following on from Fox releasing low friction SKF made seals for their forks, Rockshox are now producing their own low friction versions. These seals are black in colour, whereas the older versions were grey.

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After some use the master cylinder piston can get sticky. A clean and re-grease Will have it performing like new again.