Rockshox SID SL 1999

Rockshox SID SL 1999


  • 63mm travel;
  • 28mm stanchions;
  • aluminium steerer;
  • weighs 1282g with 185mm steerer, star nut installed, without brake bosses;
  • has a sealed, non-user serviceable damping cartridge that features both rebound and compression adjustment. Damping cartridge weighs 120g;
  • crown/steerer unit (CSU) weighs 592 with steerer cut to 185mm and star nut installed;
  • lowers weigh 399g without v-brake bosses. Lowers have an IS disc mount;
  • dual air spring assembly weighs 99g;


Disassembly is fairly straight forward. The only slightly painful part of the process is the need to make a special tool to remove the air spring and damper unit from the stanchions. The ends of the damper unit and air spring have a recessed hexagonal interface. I drilled out a suitable sized nut and then used a spanner on the nut to undo. Note! The damper and air spring units are reversed threaded into the stanchions, so turn clockwise to undo.

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