Tune 15mm axle for King hubs

Tune 15mm axle

Quick facts:

  • weighs 18g;
  • uses shims for bearing preload (like 9mm QR axle).


  • use a skewer or suitable rod to knock out one of the 9mm QR end caps from the other side;
  • remove 9mm QR axle;
  • remove one end cap from 15mm axle;
  • insert into hub;
  • replace 15mm axle end cap.

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Tune DC 15 thru axle

Features an aluminium 15mm axle and a carbon fibre handled quick release. Weighs 40g as claimed.

Tune King Front Hub

A nicely made front hub from the Black Forest. Not super light at 115g but a really solid hub for the weight. Uses a 17mm axle and 6803 bearings. Machining and finish is immaculate.

Lightweight 15mm axles

Rockshox 15mm maxle light weighs 74g. Thankfully, there are now a few options available for lightweight 15mm axles:

20" air forks for kids

There really is not much that's decent when it comes to 20" kids forks.  Most are heavy, oversprung and crappy performing el-cheapo forks. There are, however, a few good options:

Tune Kong / Reynolds Rim

Rear Wheel Kong/Reynolds
Input DataOutput Data
N, total number of spokes24crossleft lengthright length
ERD, effective rim diameter585.00265.6264.3
OSB, offset spoke bed0.0

Tune Kong Rear Disc Hub

For 2011 the Tune Kong rear disc hub has dropped some weight - claimed weight is 205g, mine weighed 212g:

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