10 Speed Cassette Weights

11-32 tooth cassettes

CassetteWeight (g)
Shimano XTR
Shimano XT268
Shimano HG-81313
SRAM 1050362

11-34 tooth cassettes

CassetteWeight (g)
Shimano XTR253
Shimano XT316
Shimano HG-81345
Shimano HG-62429

11-36 tooth cassettes

CassetteWeight (g)
Recon Aluminium155
Recon Titanium212
SRAM 1080238
Shimano XTR272
Shimano XT340
SRAM 1070358
Shimano HG-81360
SRAM 1050362
Shimano HG-50382

11-40t cassettes

CassetteWeight (g)
Response Free Ranger
Praxis Works322
SunRace CSMX3382
SunRace CSMS3414

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11 speed XTR cassette

Looks like Shimano are finally coming to the party with an 11-speed offroad groupset. The XTR cassette has an 11-40 range (11-13-15-17-19-21-24-27-31-35-40) which should mean its compatible with a standard freehub. Its a pity to see that Shimano ...

XT 10 speed cassettes


XTR M980 10 speed cassette

Quick facts

Wide ratio 9 speed cassette

For my daughter's latest build using 26" wheels I needed to come up with a wide ratio 9 speed cassette. I ended up putting together the following:

XTR M970 9 speed cassette

The XTR M970 9 speed cassette is the latest design in the XTR cassette range and replaces the previous XTR M950 cassette.

11-40t cassette options

Despite Shimano and SRAM refusing to make any sort of wide range 11-40t 10 speed cassette, there are a number of smaller manufacturers now offering solutions.