Garbaruk 11-48 cassette

Garbaruk 11-48 cassette

Is Garbaruk's 11 speed 11 to 48 (or 50) a viable alternative to SRAM Eagle 12 speed?

Quick facts

  • Gearing range: 11 to 48 tooth = 436%
  • Weight: 308g
  • Construction: cogs 11 to 42 are cncmachined from a single block of steel. 48t cog is made from aluminium.


  • Compatible with regular Shimano freehub;
  • Larger cogs than SRAM 10-42 xD cluster should result in longer lifespan and greater efficency in smaller cogs at similar weight.
  • Similar price to X01 cassettes


  • More expensive than Shimano XTR and a lot more expensive than Shimano XT (although much lighter than XT)
  • Less overall range than SRAM Eagle (500% v's 436%);

Garbaruk 11-48 cassette

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