Specialized s-works carbon mountain crank arms

S-works MTB crank arms

175mm cranks arms

  • left arm - 156g;

  • right arm - 181g;

  • bolts - 26g;

  • complete with lightning spider and lock ring - 408g.

I'll be using these cranks on my 2010 Anthem X with 68mm BSA bottom bracket combined with E13 30mm XC cups.

Outside of the Specialized bikes that these crank arms are made for, they will only work on bikes with a 68mm bottom bracket shell using E31, hive etc. 30mm outboard bearing cups.

On my Anthem, I used two of the E13 nylon spacer washers and one metal wave washer to get correct preload.

Spider compatability

It's well known that the spider interface is the same as the Lightning carbon cranks, but other combo's have worked as well.  For example, Neville Cragg managed to fit a Wolf ToothGXP chainring on without modification.  This does raise the possibility of using all manner of GXP spiders on the s-works cranks.

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