Crank arm shortening


  • appropriate size drill - 33/64" (or 13mm) for 9/16" threads (you may be able to get away with a 1/2" drill, but use a 33/64" or 13mm drill if you've got one);
  • drill press (a good milling machine is even better).

Note: you must shorten the cranks by at least 23mm, so a 175mm crank will become at most a 152. This makes it difficult to produce a 160mm crank as you need to start with 180mm cranks, which are hard to come by, particularly in a design suitable for shortening.

Further information

Old LX cranks

I shortened some old 175mm LX cranks down to 140mm for use on my daughter's bike:

I would not recommend shortening these cranks for adult use as the crank arms narrow down. As a result, there is less meat around the new pedal hole. This is not a problem for a 30kg rider.

388g for 140mm short crank arms:

One the bike:

Truvative FiveD cranks

I've got some Truvative FiveD cranks on my tandem and they look like perfect candidates for crank arm shortening. The crank arm is a consistent width and thickness and remains perpendicular to the bottom bracket spindle for a distance that means you could shorten these down to perhaps 130mm.

I got a second hand pair of FiveD 175mm cranks and shortened them to 150mm. Worked well.

Shortened FiveD crank

Other suitable cranks

Backview of Shimano Deore crank arm
  • Truvaitiv Firex and Isoflow
  • Suntour XCT - plenty of meat with non-tapered arms.  Looks like you could quite short with these.
  • FSA

Backview of FSA crank arm

Not-suitable cranks

Three basic categories of cranks are not suitable for shortening:

  • cranks with hollow crank arms. eg. Shimano Hollowtech II cranks, Stylo OCT, SRAM higher end models;
  • cranks which narrow down too much or which lack sufficient material at the back of the crank arm for the pedal thread;
  • carbon fibre crank arms;

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Shimano XT 165mm crankset

Quick facts:

Shortening spokes

Here's how I do it (in this example I'm shortening a titanium spoke, but the procedure for stainless steel spokes is the same):