Sunrace MX3 10 speed wide range cassette (11-40t)

Sunrace MX3 11-40t cassette with red spider in silver cogs

Got this one off Amazon for under $60 which is great value.

Cassette seems well made and machining looks good.  Cogs are rivetted on the spiders nice and tight, so should be rattle free.

Sunrace CMX3 11-40t cassette close-up showing CNC machining and spider/ring rivet

Weight is a pretty respectable 386g, helped out no-doubt by the 40t ring being made of aluminium.

Sunrace CMX3 11-40t cassette on scale weighs 386g

An 11-42t 10 speed and 11-42t 11 speed version are also available, as well as a cheaper (though heavier) 11-42t 10 speed version.

Gear ratios

Cogs are as follows:


Sunrace 9 speed wide cassettes

Sunrace are also doing a couple of 9 speed wide range cassettes (11-40t).  The CSM980 and the CSM990; It's so good to see some manufacturers stepping up and providing us with the wide range cassettes in 9 speed that Shimano and SRAM have refused to make.

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