XT M760/761 cranks

175mm crank arms with pinch bolts weigh 606g.

XT M760/761 cranks

22t granny ring is made of steel and weighs 20g.

32t middle ring is steel and weighs 42g:

44t big ring is made from aluminium and weighs 81g:

Bottom bracket - bearing cups, spacers etc. total 99g:

Crank bolts and bearing preload bolt total 21g:

Spacer by itself - 5g:


Total weight for Shimano XT M760 crankset with 44-32-22 tooth combo and 175mm long crank-arms is 869g.

ItemWeight (g)
Crank arms 606g
44t ring81g
32t ring 42g
22t ring20g
Bottom bracket assembly99g
Crank bolts and bearing preload bolt21g

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