MTR M9000 11 speed shifters

XTR M9000 iSpec II shifter pods with M9000 brake lever

These shifters are the I spec II variety which makes them compatible with the M9000 brake levers, avoiding the need for separate mounting clamps.


  • Rear, right side shifter: 106g;
  • Front, left side shifter: 96g.

The front shifter has slightly smaller physical dimensions (although the shift paddles are the same design, the pod is smaller), which explains why it is 10g lighter than the rear shifter.


The good

The range of inboard/outboard adjustment seems good and I've been able to adjust them "in" far enough so that my thumb doesn't hit the top shifter paddle when the going gets rough.  You can downshift up to two gears at once by either pushing or pulling the top shifter paddle.  The bottom shifter paddle allows you to shift up to 4 gears in the one go.

The bad

The downshift feel is really stiff and wooden sort of feeling.  It takes a lot of force to push or pull the top shifter paddle.  It just doesn't have the sort refined feel that my 9 speed XTR shifter pods had.

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