Shadow plus axle bracket unit alignment

The axle bracket unit can get easily bent out of shape along with your derailleur hanger.  If you have a derailleur hanger alignment tool, then you can also use it to align your the Shadow Plus axle bracket units - the thread is the same as the derailleur hanger thread.

Process is as follows:

  • remove rear derailleur from derailleur hanger;
  • align derailleur hanger using alignment tool;
  • refit derailleur and remove derailleur from axle bracket unit, leaving axle bracket unit connected to derailleur hanger;
  • thread derailleur hanger alignment tool into axle bracket unit and align axle bracket unit, taking care not to bend derailleur hanger in the process.

Some pics

Here's a pic of a bent axle bracket unit on a properly aligned derailleur hanger:

Bent axle bracket unit

Here's the axle bracket unit left in place, with the derailleur removed:

Axle bracket unit in place with derailleur removed

Derailleur alignment tool screwed into axle bracket unit:

Derailleur alignment tool screwed into axle bracket unit

If you're after an alignment tool, then Park, Shimano and Campagnolo make them.

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