11-40t cassette options

Despite Shimano and SRAM refusing to make any sort of wide range 11-40t 10 speed cassette, there are a number of smaller manufacturers now offering solutions.

40t range "extender"

The "classic" way.  Add a 40t cog to your existing cassette and drop one of the smaller cogs. To avoid a big gearing jump in the smaller cogs, the 15t is often replaced with a 16t.

Mini cassettes

Absolute black 28-40t

This is a mini-cluster, machined as one piece out of aluminium and incorporating 28, 32, 36 and 40t cogs.

Leonardi Factory General Lee adapter 25-40t

  • Range: 25-29-34- 40t;
  • Compatible with: SRAM 1030, 1050 and 1070 cassettes;
  • Weight: 190g;
  • Aluminium.

Full cassettes

Praxis Works 11-40t cassette

11-40t cassette with:

  • 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-28 stamped steel construction; and
  • 34-40 7075-T6 machined AL with hard anodizing.

Response Free Ranger 11-40t cassette

  • 11t high tensile steel;
  • 13-15-18-21-24-28t one piece CrMo;
  • 32-36-40t one piece 7075-T6 aluminium;
  • weight: 253g.

Recon 11-40t cassette

  • 11, 15, 15t steel;
  • 18, 21, 24 titanium;
  • 27, 32, 36, 40 aluminium;
  • weight: 296g.

IRD 11-40t cassette

All steel construction and heavy (~440g).

Sunrace 11-40t cassette

Couple of versions, lighter version with alu carriers for 6 largest cogs (CSMX9) 380g and all steel version (CSMS8) at 429g. Not much info currently available.  I can now confirm the Sunrace MX3 wide range 11-40t cassette weighs 386g on my digital scales.  Although not the lightest option, it's certainly the best value for money - at less than $60 for the entire cassette its about the same price as an expander cog.

Gearing summaries

XT/XTR 11-36t with 40t extender cog
XT/XTR 11-36t with absolute black mini-cluster
SRAM 1070 with General Lee adapter?11121416182125293440
IRD Elite 11-40t cassette ~440g11131517192125293440
Praxis Works 11-40t cassette
Response Free Ranger 11-40t cassette 253g11131518212428323640
Recon 11-40t cassette 296g 11131518212427323640
Sunrace MX3 11-40t cassette
386g 11131518212427323640

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