Recon 9-36t cassette

Recon 9-36t cassette
  • 10 speed wide range cassette with 9,11,13,15,18,24,28,32 and 36t gear ratios;
  • 7 largest gears are machined from a solid aluminium;
  • 3 smallest gears are machined from steel;
  • TiNitride coating;
  • weighs 188g without lockring;
  • requires a capreo compatible freehub;


Teeth close-up:

Recon 9-36t cassette

Small gears:

Recon 9-36t cassette

Internal machining:

Recon 9-36t cassette

In use

The shifting on this cassette was never that great.  From new it shifted poorly.  This improved slightly once it had worn in.  Shortly thereafter, it wore out!  Making such small gears out of aluminium is not a good approach.  My daughter barely got 500km offroad out of the cassette on her Anthem X before it started skipping under power.  It was never ridden in the rain or mud either.

Great concept, and if made out of steel or Ti would be awesome.

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