Blackspire Super Pro 32t Chainring


  • strong;
  • well made - extensive CNC machining, shift reliefs and shift pins;
  • available in nice anodised colours;
  • great shifting - at least as good as original XT middle ring.

Close-up of shift pin and CNC machining

What's it weigh?

53g - which is not particularly light for a 32t aluminium middle ring. Indeed, the stock steel M760 32 chainring weighs 42g and the steel/composite M770 XT chainring weighs 52g. The weight is more a testament to how solid its construction is. This is not the sort of weight-weenie middle ring that will fold on you under pressure.


I'm using it on my XT M760 cranks :

Blackspire 32t blue ano middle chainring on Shimano XT M760 cranks

I also recently got a Blackspire Super Pro 22t chainring and it is of a similar high quality and solid build.

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