More gear range, less gaps

This is basically the complete opposite of the current 1x movement (single chain ring up front).

Current scenario

  • 1x10 with 28t front and 11-36t XT rear cassette;
  • gear range is 20 to 66 gear inches (with 26" wheels);
  • weight of setup is 28t chainring + 11-36XT cassette = 35 + 343 = 378g

Proposed scenario

  • 2x10 with 22t/32t and 11-32 XT rear cassette;
  • gear range is 18 to 85 gear inches (with 26" wheels);
  • weight of setup is: 22t chainring + 32t chainring + front shifter + front derailleur +  cables + cassette =28g + 42g + 110g + 82g + 20g + 268g = 550g (added weight = 172g).

Other options

  • XTR 11 speed cassette - 329g, so you get the extra 40t lower gear (down to 18 gear inches) and save 14g but with the need for an expensive cassette (~AUD$300) or use an XT 11--40t cassette (411g) and add around 68g.
  • 2x9: 9 speed cassettes are lighter.
  • praxis works 11-40t 10 speed cassette;

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This pair old and a bit dirty. Total weight 352g for a pair/set. Not a light set of pedals but have worked flawlessly for many years.