Continental Supersonic Tubes

These tubes are absurdly thin, but extremely light at only 90g for the 26" presta valve versions.

Definitely great to keep as a spare tube. They feel so thin I haven't been game to run them in my everyday wheels.

They also make the supersonics for 700c road tyres. Claimed weight of 50g but actually 60g in the longest valve version:

How much are they?

Prices vary but expect to pay between $15 and $20 per tube.

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These are Continental's ultimate weight weenie race tyres. They are only available in one size - a scant 1.9 and when inflated on the rim they do look small compared to the awesome X-King 2.4's.

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Lightweight 24" tubes

It is quite difficult to find lightweight 24" tubes, but I recently stumbled on a solution that so far has proved acceptable.

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Claimed weight on these in 26" size is 340g. The two that I have weighed 352g and 353g.

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