A2Z rear hub replacement

I originally built this wheel with a Crest 32h rim and DT Swiss Supercomp spokes.  The A2Z rear hub has subsequently started to make some noise under heavy load.  It's still perfectly functional, but for the sake of avoiding any headaches I've decided to replace the hub.

Replacement hub options

This wheelset does not need to be superlight, so something trick from Tune is not necessary.  Accordingly, I have settled on a Novatec 712 rear hub.  Weight is 269g, so about 20g more than the A2Z hub, but hopefully a little more robust.

The calculations

Replacing a rear hub with a different hub may involve having to use different spoke lengths.

The original spoke lengths were worked out as follows:

N, total number of spokes32crossleft lengthright length
ERD, effective rim diameter544.00245.3241.7
OSB, offset spoke bed0.01247.6244.2
WL, width from center to left flange34.82254.2251.3
WR, width from center to right flange19.83263.7261.6
dL, left flange diameter56.04274.4273.2
dR, right flange diameter59.83.00263.7261.6

The Novatec replacement hub calculations are as follows:

N, total number of spokes32crossleft lengthright length
ERD, effective rim diameter544.00244.4247.2
OSB, offset spoke bed0.01246.9249.3
WL, width from center to left flange36.22253.7255.0
WR, width from center to right flange22.23263.5263.3
dL, left flange diameter58.04274.7272.8
dR, right flange diameter49.03.00263.5263.3

Current wheel is built 3x. Left hand spokes are pretty much the same length, but the drive-side (right-hand) spokes need to be 2mm longer.  Original spoke length was 262mm on DS and 264mm on NDS.  If I was ordering spokes from scratch, I'd just build with 262mm spokes all round.

My Tune/Podium MMX rear wheel has worked really well with a combination of Supercomps on the drive side and Revolutions on the non-drive side and I've got 16 x 262mm Revolutions spare, so I'll use those for the NDS and I'll re-use 16 x Supercomps from the original build for the DS.

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Novatec 712 rear hub


Novatec 712 rear hub

Quick facts:

Shimano freehub replacement

Tools required:

A2Z Hubs

Just got a set of A2Z Components disc brake hubs for my next wheel build.