Continental X-King Racesport Tyres

Continental X-King Racesport Tyre on scale weighing 586g

2.4 Race Sport

Vital stats:

  • chunkier tread pattern than Race King Supersonics;
  • 2.4 size is slightly larger than Race King 2.2's;
  • tyre weighs around 585g (one weighed 584g and the other 586g) in 2.4 size;
  • rolling resistance doesn't feel noticeably greater than Race Kings;
  • optimum pressure seems between 24 and 28psi - any lower and front ends starts to feel vague when pushed hard;
  • excellent front tyre when conditions get a little too muddy or slippery for the Race Kings;
  • carcass width on Stans Crest rims (21mm inner rim width) is 57.2mm. By comparison Race King Supersonics in 2.2 are 55.6mm on the same rims.

Continental X-King Racesport tyres mounted on Stans ZTR Crest rim

2.2 Race Sport

2.0 Supersonic

X-King 2.0 supersonic
  • tyre weighs 419g;
  • sealed quickly once set-up tubeless;
  • side walls do not seem any thinner than the Race Sport versions;
  • tread width is 51mm when set-up on a Podium MMX rim (21mm internal width).

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