Syntace W35 rims

Syntace W35 rim

Quick specs:

  • diameter: 26";
  • weight: 500g in 26" size (manufacturer claimed). I've got two rims, one weighs 510g and the other 516g;
  • outer width: 35mm;
  • inner width: 28.5mm;
  • available in 28 and 32 hole versions;
  • ERD: 536mm (manufacturer claimed);
  • 3mm offset spoke bed;

Rim strips

The rims came with some super tough plastic rim strips from Schwalbe that fit perfectly in the ultra-wide rim channel and make tubeless setup a breeze.  No idea where to get these from, but if you can get them from somewhere, they're great.

Rim strips for Syntace W35 rims

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Spoke lengths