SuperLight 79 / Velocity Aeroheat 24" front wheel

New 24" front wheel built from mainly left over parts. Ordered the $35 SuperLight 79 from bikehubstore, used a spare Velocity Aeroheat 24" rim and shortened some straight gauge spokes using my newly acquired Hozan spoke threading machine.

Total weight: 600g.

Hub data

WL, width from center to left flange33.65mm
WR, width from center to right flange33.65mm
dL, left flange diameter30mm
dR, right flange diameter30mm
S, spoke hole diameter2.0mm

Rim data

Velocity Aeroheat 24" ERD - 485mm.

Spoke length data

crossleft lengthright length

Radial lacing

Close-up of Superlight 79 hub laced radially

I laced the wheel radially because:

  • its a front wheel;
  • with rim brakes; and
  • the hub has radial lacing compatible flanges (they're strong enough).

32 hole rim, 16 hole hub

There's no special magic to getting this rim/hub spoke hole count arrangement to work. You just skip every second hole in the rim.

There is one issue to note. On a rim like the Aeroheat, the spoke holes are drilled in an alternating pattern. When using only 16 holes (and skipping every second hole) every second spoke goes into a hole intended for the other side flange. You may notice that every second spoke nipples will come out of the rim at a not ideal angle.

Spoke nipple angles

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