Tune King / Podium MMX / DT Swiss Revolution Front Wheel

Hub data

WL, width from center to left flange24.0
WR, width from center to right flange35.0
dL, left flange diameter55.5
dR, right flange diameter55.5
S, spoke hole diameter2.0

Rim data

  • podium MMX rim with DT Swiss 12mm alu nipples - measured ERD at 544mm

Spoke length data

crossleft lengthright length

Build notes

Wheel went together nicely. Rim holes lubed with cotton bud dipped in anti-seize, spoke threads lubed with Mobil 1. Spoke length of 264mm DS and 262mm NDS worked well. Initial spoke wind up with nipple driver resulted in dish being offset about 3mm towards NDS (disc side). Meant that achieving final tension was done using DS spokes. These have less tension than NDS so made spoke wind up less of an issue.

Final build weight 568g:

Tune hub features some neat machining on the DS:

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