Schwalbe 29er cross country tyres

I've recently been trying some of Schwalbe's cross country tyres in the 29er wheel size.  I find Schwalbe's tyre range often confusing and the real world weights of the various tyres are all over the place.  I'll try to keep the following table up-to-date as I go through various tyres.

TyreSidewallSeriesCompoundWidthClaimed weight (g)
Actual weight (g)
Model no.
Ride impression
Schwalbe Rocket Ron
Schwalbe Racing Ralph
Schwalbe Nobby Nic
Schwalbe Racing Ralph
Twinskin TLR
PerformanceAddix2.25735g838g11601114Fast rolling but stupidly heavy for an XC rear tyre

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Bottom line

Schwalbe Thunder Burt

Quick facts:

Schwalbe Nobby Nic

For 26" wheels these come in a range of sizes, although particular variants are getting harder to purchase as the 26" rim goes the way of the dodo.

Trance X 29er frame

I bought this frame new from a Giant dealer with warranty.