Tune Kong / Reynolds Rim

Rear Wheel Kong/Reynolds
Input DataOutput Data
N, total number of spokes24crossleft lengthright length
ERD, effective rim diameter585.00265.6264.3
OSB, offset spoke bed0.01269.7268.4
WL, width from center to left flange33.82280.4279.2
WR, width from center to right flange20.83294.5293.3
dL, left flange diameter55.54307.9306.8
dR, right flange diameter55.52.00280.4279.2
S, spoke hole diameter2.5
X, cross number (decimal allowed)(optional)2.00
WL_effective = W - OSB33.8
WR_effective = W + OSB20.8

Need spokes and/or nipples?

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