Mountain King

Continental Mountain King I tyre in Supersonic 2.2 size on scale

These are the original Continental Mountain King tyres.  Continental have subsequently replaced them with a more aggressive version the Mountain King II.

Quick facts:

  • the good ones are made in Germany and feature the 'Black Chilli' rubber compound.  These are available in Supersonic, Race Sport and Protection versions.  There are also wire bead and UST versions which are made in Asia and do not have the 'Black Chilli' rubber compound;
  • Supersonic version in 2.2 size weighs around 495g.  I've had two of these tyres, one weighed 495g and one 496g, so the manufacturing tolerances seems pretty good.

Dimensions of the 2.2 Supersonic version on a 21mm inner width rim (Podium MMX) are:

  • width of tread at widest point: 54mm;
  • height of tyre: 50mm.

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