Pre 2006 American Classic 9mm hub to 15mm conversion

Pre 2006 American Classic 9mm disc hubs used 15267 bearings and are said to be not convertible to 15mm thru axle. This isn't strictly true. I have converted one of these hubs to 15mm thru as follows:

  • remove 15267 bearings;
  • machine bearing pockets 0.8mm deeper on either side;
  • install 6803 bearings;
  • install Tune thru axle (fine tune bearing preload using Tune supplied bearing preload shims).

One added benefit of this conversion is that you end up using a stiffer 17mm axle and loose some weight. Replacing the 15267 bearings, bearing spacer and AC 9mm end caps with a 6803 bearings, a Tune 17mm axle and Tune 9mm end caps saves about 14g.

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