True Blue Puncture Goo

I'm giving this Aussie stuff a go. Two scoops (120ml) seemed to seal up an X-King 2.4 effectively.

The stuff is not as liquid as stans and seems to have fibers plus particles. The bottle claims it contains no glycol or ammonia.

I'll keep this updated over time.

Update - 5 February 2013

So I gave this stuff a go on 22 January 2013 and exactly two weeks later I've reached some definite conclusions. Sadly, it doesn't work particularly well in the Race Sport versions of the Conti tyres I use.

It sealed up the X-King 2.4 well initially, but the tyre continued to loose air each day. The rate at which it lost air started to accelerate after about 7 days. After 14 days there was noticeably pressure loss over the course of a 2 hour ride. I have ridden this tyre every day for the last 14 days so they sealant should have had plenty of time to seal up.

I also tried it in a Race King 2.2 Race Sport, one of my favourite rear tyres and was super disappointed from day one. The Goo was never able to seal these up and after 7 days of pumping, shaking and riding these tyres I still could not get more than 30 minutes riding before they needed to be pumped up again.

As a result, I took the tyres off, cleaned out all of the True Blue Puncture Goo and replaced with 2 scoops of stans per tyre. This has sealed them up almost instantly. It's a shame as I really wanted this stuff to work.

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