Roval Traverse 26" wheelset

Roval Traverse wheelset

Quick facts

26" all-mountain wheelset weighing 1678g featuring 23mm internal width aluminium rims.

Front wheel

  • weighs 768g


  • 27 spoke wheel, with 9 radial spokes on the drive side and 18 crossed straight pull spokes on the NDS.

Front hub

  • unusual design with 9 radial spokes on the drive side and 18 crossed spokes on the non-drive side.  Very hard to find a replacement rim as you need a rim with 27 spoke holes.
  • end caps are removable and
  • bearings used are huge: 6804 on non-drive side (32 x 20 x 7mm) and 6805 (37 x 25 x 7mm) on drive side.  Should be able to take a 20mm axle with replacement end caps.  Not sure if these are available from Specialized.

Side view of Roval front hub non-drive side bearing with end cap removed

Rear wheel

  • weighs 910g


  • 32 straight pull spokes;
  • DS - 272mm SP;
  • NDS - 274mm SP;

Rear hub

  • 260g
  • bearings: 4 x 6902 - 15 x 28 x 7mm;
  • DT swiss internals - compatible with 240s ratchet, springs and end caps;

Roval rear hub showing DT Swiss internals including 36t star ratchets


  • 32h, eyeletted;
  • 452g;
  • inner width: 23mm;
  • ERD: 544mm

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