WTB Super Duty / Mavic 117 Front Wheel

I needed a new front wheel for my tandem that would work with the Nixon Platinum fork I am using.

I built this wheel up using a WTB Super Duty 20mm front hub, Mavic 117 rim and Wheelsmith DB14 spokes (2.0-1.7-2.0mm). I used some Red alu nipples (12mm). Spoke lengths were 263mm DS and 261mm NDS.

WTB Super Duty hub

WTB hub geometry is as follows:

WL, width from center to left flange22.0
WR, width from center to right flange34.0
dL, left flange diameter58.0
dR, right flange diameter58.0
S, spoke hole diameter2.5

Finished weight ended up being 912g.

Mavic 117 rim with red aluminium nipples

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