Schwalbe Thunder Burt

Schwalbe Thunder Burt tyre on scale at 402g for 26 x 2.1 version

Quick facts:

  • very low profile tread, although side knobs are larger and shaped for good support when leaned over;
  • weighs 402g in 26 x 2.1 size for the folding bead Pacestart Liteskin version;
  • width on 21mm inner width rim is 52mm;
  • prices range from around $40 to over $100 depending on the version and whether they are on sale.


I used this tyre on a 200km day ride through the Australian Alps and it performed really well.  Rolls fast on tarmac and hardpack.  Grips remarkably well on loose climbs if you drop the pressure down and even offers a bit of cornering grip when layed over.

Thunder Burt tyre in its element on a cycle tour through the Australian Alps

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