NoTubes Podium MMX Rim

These rims feel insanely light, its almost like there's nothing there.

I'm looking forward to building a new lightweight front wheel with this rim. I'm not sure how long it would last on the rear.

What's it weigh?

Claimed weight is between 280 and 290g. This particular rim came in at 302g.

More Podium MMX Rim goodness

Some more Podium MMX rims have arrived. Weights for these three average 300g a rim.

Three Podium MMX rims on the scale at 300g each

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NoTubes ZTR Crest Rims

Claimed weight on these in 26" size is 340g. The two that I have weighed 352g and 353g.

Alex DC 19 rim

Quick facts:

NoTubes ZTR Crest MK3 Rims


BOR XMD 333 rim

This looks like a really nicely made rim with a combination of great features:

Lightweight 24" rims

There are not many lightweight rims available for 24" mountain bikes. The three options I know of are:

Generic 24" Kid's Bike Rim

These are the 36 hole single wall, rim brake compatible rims that adorn pretty much every cheap 24" kids bike.