Capreo compatible rear disc hub

Capreo compatible disc hub
  • weight: 238g;
  • 72 points of engagement (POE);
  • aluminium Capreo cassette compatible freehub;

Hub dimensions

  • axle diameter: 15mm aluminium;
  • hub spacing: 135mm;
  • WL, width from center to left flange 33.5mm;
  • WR, width from center to right flange 20.5mm;
  • dL, left flange diameter 56.0mm;
  • dR, right flange diameter 56.0mm;


  • hub has 4 bearings, all 6802-2RS (15mm ID x 24mm OD x 5mm wide);
  • hub has 2 main bearings in hub shell and 2 bearings in freehub;

Disassembly instructions

Tools required:

  • two 5mm allen keys;
  • 10mm allen key.


  • undo end caps using two 5mm allen keys, one in each end cap;
  • once you have one end cap removed, use 10mm allen key in axle to undo other end cap;
  • pull freehub off axle, taking care not to loose pawls, springs or small freehub spacer;
  • remove axle by pressing out of hub shell towards NDS, NDS one bearing will come out with axle.

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